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  • Individual Membership – $20
  • Family Membership – $50
  • Academia/Government Institute – $250
  • Corporate Membership – $500
  • International Organisations – $500
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As per our earlier communication regarding the above matter, it has come to our attention that there is need to clarify the rationalisation of the KCS Membership categories which resulted into four (4) categories as opposed to the old eight (8) categories. The old category of STUDENT/PENSIONER and SCHOOL CLUBS have formed part of the new INDIVIDUAL category. The old INTERNATIONAL category covering both individuals and family falls within the new FAMILY category. The new CORPORATE BODY category includes both private companies and parastatals.

KCS has also introduced the following new categories:
ACADEMIA /GOVERNMENT INSTITUTE which includes all academic/educational/schools and Government institutions.
INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS and this apply to all non-local based organisations including embassies, development partners, etc.

In summary, these are the new membership categories and fees. Kindly note that the KCS Financial year is based on the calendar year. (Jan – Dec)

  • Individual Membership - $20
  • Family Membership - $50
  • Academia/Government Institute - $250
  • Corporate Membership - $500
  • International Organisations - $500

For more enquiries, please contact our Office at 3974557 or through email: KCS looks forward to your continuous support in protecting Botswana's environment and biodiversity conservation for economic growth.

KCS is a membership-based organization, funded by annual member subscription as well as by domestic, regional and international grant support and donations. It also generates income from the management of projects that it oversees and/or administrates. Above all other funding sources, it is KCS Membership that provides the organisation with the sustainable income to plan ahead for Botswana's environment.

Become a KCS Member because:

  • You are concerned about the present and future environmental state of Botswana.
  • You want your voice to be heard on Botswana's conservation efforts
  • You want to see Botswana's rich wildlife conserved for this and future generations.
  • You want to see Botswana's economy prosper on the sustainable use of natural resources.

How you will benefit

  • Apart from gaining the immediate satisfaction of contributing to the conservation of Botswana's precious environment, KCS Members:
  • Receive free subscription to Kalahari Magazine, KCS' triannual news and events publication;
  • Are invited to KCS' free and fundraising events;
  • Benefit from discounts at safari operators and hotels around Botswana;
  • Benefit from discounts to the long list of businesses in the KCS Members' Discount Booklet;
  • Enjoy free access to the KCS book library; and
  • Are entitled to reduced prices on KCS promotional items.

Kalahari Conservation Society Membership is by annual subscription and is open to any individual, school, club or corporation. The membership year runs from January to December. We are currently able to receive membership subscription payments by cash, cheque or electronic money transfer or Direct Donations via our website.

Additional information

KCS Membership

Academia/Government Institute – $250, Corporate Membership – $500, Family Membership – $50, Individual Membership – $20, International Organisations – $500