Kalahari Conservation Society


Kalahari Conservation Society P.O Box 859, Gaborone Botswana Plot 398, Extension 4, Off Independence Avenue, Kgasa Close - opposite Lesedi Community Hall Gaborone

tel: +267 3974557

fax: +267 3914259

email: publicrelations@kcs.org.bw


To conserve Botswana's biodiversity resources and habitats

objective1Botswana is endowed with natural resources; from the wetlands of the Okavango to the Kalahari Desert.
Many wildlife populations are dwindling because of drying of river systems, but more importantly through human expansion.
Through targeted research, KCS is working to correct these perils. Read more...

To leverage the economic value of wildlife and natural resources for the prosperity of all, especially local people who reside in wildlife-rich localities;

objective1Natural resources form an important part of Botswana’s economy both at local and national level. Many of the biodiversity rich areas have high levels of poverty. The Society supports local communities to identity ways through which they can transform the natural resources they have into economic wealth, and thus creating an incentive for the conservation of the very resources.

To inspire a generation of environmentally conscious citizens who strive for healthy balance between human wellbeing (of present and future generations) and healthy ecosystems

objective1It is vital to empower locals to practice biodiversity conservationso as to strikehealthy balance between human wellbeing and healthy ecosystems.

Rhino Conservation by Youth, by All Project
The Society partnered with Barclays Bank Botswana to advance rhino conservation in Botswana through ensuring full participation of youth and various stakeholders in order to curb poaching and improve local communities’ livelihoods in Botswana. Read more...