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Kalahari Conservation Society P.O Box 859, Gaborone Botswana Plot 398, Extension 4, Off Independence Avenue, Kgasa Close - opposite Lesedi Community Hall Gaborone

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To inspire a generation of environmentally conscious citizens who strive for healthy balance between human wellbeing (of present and future generations) and healthy ecosystems

It is vital to empower locals to practice biodiversity conservationso as to strikehealthy balance between human wellbeing and healthy ecosystems.

Rhino Conservation by Youth, by All Project
The Society partnered with Barclays Bank Botswana to advance rhino conservation in Botswana through ensuring full participation of youth and various stakeholders in order to curb poaching and improve local communities’ livelihoods in Botswana.
The project was implemented in districts where rhinos have been introduced and rhino home ranges: Central, Boteti Sub district, Southern, Ngamiland, Okavango Sub district and Chobe.

Project Outcomes
The youth will be in a better position to guide their communities in the area of sustainable resource management and income generation activities.
- There will better understanding of finances by beneficiaries
- Community perceptions on rhinoswill be change and participate fully in rhino conservation as well as other wildlife species.
- There will be an increase in tourists’ visitations to Botswana which will benefit the local communities and the country as a whole.