Kalahari Conservation Society


Kalahari Conservation Society P.O Box 859, Gaborone Botswana Plot 398, Extension 4, Off Independence Avenue, Kgasa Close - opposite Lesedi Community Hall Gaborone

tel: +267 3974557

fax: +267 3914259

email: publicrelations@kcs.org.bw


To conserve Botswana's biodiversity resources and habitats

Botswana is endowed with natural resources; from the wetlands of the Okavango to the Kalahari Desert.
Many wildlife populations are dwindling because of drying of river systems, but more importantly through human expansion.
Through targeted research, KCS is working to correct these perils.

Water Provision Project
The water provision project is one of the projects that the Society is undertaking to drive one of the Society’s objective of conserving Botswana’s biodiversity resources and habitats. The project seeks to mitigate wildlife against the prevailing persistent drought conditions within the protected areas and wildlife management areas and also attract wildlife (especially elephants) away from the heavily impacted sensitive landscapes such as riverine woodlands to other areas where water could be availed. The project also assists in mitigating human wildlife conflicts which arises as wildlife roam the villages and cattleposts in search of water as such making them susceptible to poaching and illegal killing due to poisoning.

The Project Partners
Funding: Government of Botswana- Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism
Project Owner: Department of Wildlife and National Parks
Project Implementer and Fund Administrator: Kalahari Conservation Society
Technical Advisor: Water Surveys Botswana